In English 2017

Open 9.6.-27.8. Tue-Fri 11-6pm, Sat-Sun 12-6pm.

Free entrance!

Main entrances:

Finlaysoninkuja 9 (Himmelblau Printmaking Studio)

Väinö Linna Square 13 (Old Factory)

Artists’ afternoon Sat 19.8.: Nanna Susi and Canal Cheong-Jagerroos

Artists Nanna Susi and Canal Cheong-Jagerroos tell audience about their work and paintings. They introduce also their mutual project, Blue and Red Art Project. Free entrance.

Saturday 19.8. 12 am, Voonininki-hall, Väinö Linna Square 13.

Contact information

Pertti Ketonen, director: himmelblau(at) / +358 500 625 564

Katja Villemonteix, project manager: katja.villemonteix(at) / +358 50 366 3822

Finlaysoninkuja 9
33210 Tampere

Street  painting by street artist Ville Färsaaret and poet Anna Elina Isoaro. Photo: Laura Kuusa.

FAA 2017 artists

Finlayson Art Area 2017 brings paintings, photography, video, sculpture, street art, graphic art and glass art to the public. On this page, you will find this summer’s artists grouped by exhibition location. Clicking their names will take you to their own site or page.


Entrance: either Väinö Linnan aukio 15, second floor, or Finlaysoninkuja 9, floor 2B (for visitors with reduced mobility; lift).

HC Berg (Young Artist of the Year 2007) is a sculptor living in Inkoo. His work examines opticity and different themes related to light. The FAA exhibition presents Berg’s earlier output and works that have not been seen in Finland previously. He has been examining the Color Space theme since 2013 (image). Berg’s art combines technical skill with three-dimensionality and surprise. The magical blazing colours and optical illusions hypnotise the viewer, who will want to stop for a while at the sculptures and be amazed at the method of their realisation.

Fanni Niemi-Junkola has made two video works for her FAA exhibition: Henki/Breath and Suoja/Protection. The Tampere-based artist describes her works as follows: “Presence, the body, power, pulse. The image of the horse is loaded with different meanings; in mythology, in sports, in art. I treat the symbiosis between animals and humans, its limits and the need to search for a connection to the self through nature.” Henki/Breath and Suoja/Protection are breathtakingly impressive depictions of the horse and its power. The music is composed and performed by jouhikko artist Pekko Käppi.

Collection Kakkonen – classics of Finnish glass art. We celebrate the centenary of Finland’s independence by presenting a many-sided selection by Finland’s most famous glass artists, including Rut Bryk, Kai Franck, Timo Sarpaneva, Helena Tynell and Tapio Wirkkala. The exhibition includes familiar classics, rarities and unique works. The works are from Kyösti Kakkonen’s Collection Kakkonen. The exhibition is designed by curator Juhani Kukkonen. The local curator is the Tampere-based glass designer Vesa Varrela.


Finlaysoninkuja 9.

Outi Heiskanen will reach the venerable age of 80 during Finland’s centenary year. Heiskanen has a long history at the Himmelblau graphics workshop. We celebrate both one hundred years of Finland and the career of the beloved academician by presenting a many-sided view of Heiskanen’s world, with its visions of nature, the Bush-Wind People and other strange beings. The works have been made with Heiskanen’s trusted cooperation partner, Himmelblau’s long-time artist-printmaker Janne Laine .


Väinö Linnan aukio 13.

Canal Cheong-Jagerroos is an artist with a Chinese background who has lived in Finland for a long time. Her large-scale acrylic and mixed-media paintings combine the pictorial tradition of old Chinese ink painting and calligraphy with modern abstract expression. The pictures are layered and heavy with significance. Elements such as old lace and worn denim fabric give three-dimensionality to the paintings. Cheong-Jagerroos is a productive and internationally active artist. During the spring of 2017 alone, she had exhibitions in Los Angeles, Palm Beach, Shanghai and Beijing.

Nanna Susi is one of the best-known Finnish artists. With her FAA exhibition, Susi is glad to return to Tampere, where her career received an important boost from the Young Artist of the Year award in 2000. Susi will exhibit her most recent works, including some dating from the spring of this year. The layers of paint, alternating between juicy thickness and thin glazing, offer delicious views into the inner landscape of the artist. In Susi’s paintings, cool green and cold blue are complemented by sunny yellow and outrageous orange.

Blue and Red Art Project is a shared project by Nanna Susi and Canal Cheong-Jagerroos. It is a part of the Culture Shuttle Project started in 2015. The project aims to create cooperation between Finnish and Chinese artists. Susi and Cheong-Jagerroos travelled 25,000 kilometres together in Finland and China by car and train. The FAA exhibition presents the development of the project and the first samples of this large joint project by the two artists. There are paintings born out of the trip as well as documents, photographs, souvenirs and an installation. The forthcoming Blue and Red Art Project touring exhibition will comprise three museums in China and four in Finland.


Itäinenkatu, wall of car park and staircase next to the movie theatre.

Marko Vuokola is a Helsinki-based photographer. In his work, time is stopped by fleeting moments and the beauty of nature. Vuokola will implement a large-scale illusionistic work on the outer wall of a multi-storey car park on Itäinenkatu. The image is from Hong Kong. In the staircase of the car park, we can see works from a few different series. Vuokola is interested in seeing, visual information and observation. He simplifies his ideas into a considered and minimalist form.

Marko Vuokola, FAA 2017
Marko Vuokola’s photo art on Finnpark Plevna’s wall, photo: Petri Nuutinen.


A tunnel beneath Satakunnankatu.

Tuomo Rosenlund will undertake a community drawing project for FAA. Rosenlund will go around the Finlayson area in the summer and make drawings of it. The public can watch the drawing work and even draw along under his guidance. The materials are provided by FAA free of charge. A changing selection of Rosenlund’s drawings will be displayed during the summer in Mediatunneli. The best drawings by members of the public will also be exhibited. If the drawings are good or original enough, they could make them an FAA artist in the summer of 2017!


Pasi Karjula brings to the Finlayson his wood sculptures which reflect masculine solidity and, at the same time, they are significant in a minimalist way. In the large-scale works, a chainsaw meets the traces shaped by nature. The ideas are shaped into basic, archetypal forms, on which Karjula also leaves his mark with the language of axes and knives. In addition to his sculptures, Karjula is also a conceptual and installation artist.


Miina Äkkijyrkkä is one of Finland’s most famous artists and a defender of East Finnish cattle. The artist’s love of cows has lasted for decades, and Äkkijyrkkä has created cow-themed works in graphic art, painting, sculpture and installations. At FAA, a huge cow sculpture made of car bodywork parts is happily munching the leaves of a tree on Väinö Linna Square.

Miina Äkkijyrkkä, Holy Calf, photo: Laura Kuusa.

Riiko Sakkinen will implement an installation on top of the TR1 canopy, combining barbed wire with footballers’ shirts. The work is a continuation of the Closing Borders exhibition open at the Serlachius Museums during the summer. The installation is a critique of immigration policy: top footballers are hired in Finland too, but families are not given permission to immigrate. Together with the curator of the Closing Borders exhibition, director of the Serlachius Museums Pauli Sivonen, Sakkinen toured the external borders of Europe in 2016. During their travels, the artist and the curator saw refugees and migrants trying to reach Europe, their path blocked by metres-high fences and razor-sharp concertina barbed wire. The installation is implemented in cooperation with the Serlachius Museums.


Design street paintings using the patterns of Finlayson Oy. We continue the Colourful Finlayson theme launched in 2016 by renovating street paintings. The paintings, destroyed by winter and traffic, are renewed and the areas will be expanded. The painting work will be done by the international Art and Media students of the Tampere University of Applied Sciences and the people of the Himmelblau graphics workshop. The familiar patterns of Finlayson Oy are continued through the cooperation of street artist Ville Färsaaret and poet Anna Isoaro. They are the local artists of the Tampere Region Festivals 2017. They will execute a colourful street painting that combines the lines familiar from Färsaaret’s graffiti with Isoaro’s poetry.

Street painting, Elefantti pattern of Finlayson Oy in front of Himmelblau, photo: Jouko Järvinen.