Finlayson Art Area 2018 in English


Finlayson Art Area is a large visual arts event taking place in the heart of Tampere, old Finlayson cotton factory area. Exhibitions are situated in galleries and on the streets.

Free entry!

Open: Tue-Fri 11am-6pm, Sat-Sun 12am-6pm. Closed on Mon and 22.-25.6.

Free guided tours Tue-Sun 4 pm from Väinö Linna Square in finnish. Also tours in english if requested, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Accessible, dog-friendly

Main entrances:

Väinö Linna Square 13

Finlaysoninkuja-street 9


(Click on the artist’s name to get to his/her homepage)

  • Jasmin Anoschkin: Swedish Unicorn at Swim School and a Few Friends in Stardust. Miniatures in ceramic and large wood sculptures. Anoschkin’s characters combine cuteness and humour in an irresistible manner. Location: Puuvillasali 1 (Finlaysoninkuja-street 9), Finlayson Art Area Book Shop at the Aamulehti lobby (Siberia mall), Media54 lobby.
  • Elina Brotherus: Look Intensely at Somebody’s Hand, 2017. This video work was inspired by the Fluxus movement and Giuseppe Chiari, it has been produced in collaboration with the Serlachius museums. The video work is also a part of Brotherus’s exhibition Leikkikenttä (Playground) in Serlachius museum house Gustaf during 16.6.2018-6.1.2019. Location: Siberia mall main lobby.
  • Rut Bryk – ceramics from Collection Kakkonen. Large, ceramic reliefs and decorative objects from the cherished Finnish ceramic artist. On loan from a private collection Collection Kakkonen and curated uniquely for Finlayson Art Area. Curated by glass artist Vesa VarrelaLocation: Puuvillasali 2, Finlaysoninkuja 9, floor 2B.
  • Pälvi Hanni: Flora’s House. These serene original prints are made by combining metal plate engraving and serigraphy. Hanni’s works tell epic tales with the motives inspirated by the nature. The nonrepresentative imagery is combined with the organic forms of nature. Location: Media54
  • Anssi Kasitonni: Salladdin Castique and Sakke. These two short films guarantee Kasitonni-comedy, symphatetic hijinks and deep stories. World premiere for Sakke. Our microcinema was built up specially for Kasitonni’s work. Real cinema chairs are from Finnkino Plevna cinema. Location: Media54, Microcinema
  • Pekka Kauhanen: Velj’ Puol (Taidepoliisi) / Half Broth’r (Art Police). Sculpture. Location: Väinö Linna Square. Sculpture exhibition Procession. A vivid spectacle of metal sculptures of different characters, lights, shadows, and shining metal. The exhibition is in collaboration with Tampere Art Museum and includes the works in the Tammer Pond next to Hotel Tammer. Location: Finlaysoninkuja 6.
  • Jonna Kina: Somnivm. A formidable combination of italian Carrara marble sculpture and video. This stylish and attentive concept piece contains multitudes of dimensions. Location: Media54
  • Rosa Liksom: On the Hunt. Paintings, sculptures, photos, video, the Russian Corner and the great wall-weave installation. Rosa Liksom is one of the most well known artists in Finland. This exhibition is the biggest in her career this far. Bright colors, surprising themes and her humor will surely attract attention. Location: Vooninki-gallery, Väinö Linna Square 13. Street paintings designed by Liksom are situated on Päämääränkuja-alley. In addition, there is a sculpture in the teracce of Plevna Brewery Pub and Restaurant and a painting in Finnkino Plevna Cinema lobby.
  • Pekka Luukkola: Flight-triptych and serie Elements. Luukkola is known for his mystically attractive photographs of nature, where a long exposure line of light plays a crucial role. He has built a machine that imitates the flying motion of a bird for the Flight photos. Location: Itäinenkatu-street, Finnpark Plevna parking hall’s exterior wall. Serie Elements is situated inside in parking hall’s staircase.
  • Lars Nyberg – original prints. The venerable printmaker’s delicate dry point etchings draw exact and poetic portraits of nature’s detail. Location: Printmaking Studio Himmelblau, Finlaysoninkuja 9, floor PB.
  • Hannu Palosuo: What I’ve Seen With Your Eyes. The striking and rich paintings by the Finnish artist based in Rome, Italy. Painted on old coffee sacks and baroque-dark velvet. Dramatic ambience and the shining of colors. Location: Puuuvillasali 1, Finlaysoninkuja 9, floor 2B.
  • Design streetpaintings. Streetpaintings take place in Finlayson Art Area for the third time. Motives come from Finlayson company and drawings from artists and our staff. This year’s guest street artist is Rosa Liksom. These paintings are really made together! We have had people of special groups painting the streets and also open streetpainting event in May attracting many people – kids, parents, youngsters – to have fun and paint with us on Finlayson streets. Location: Väinö Linna Square, Finlaysoninkuja-street, Päämääränkuja-alley.
  • Sanalankoja (Word Yarns). Artwork by five writers based in Tampere region. This artwork is only in finnish. In collaboration with the Arts Promotion Centre of Finland and Provincial Artist, writer Anna Elina Isoaro. Writers and texts: Siiri Enoranta: The Doom of Ununquad. A thrilling science fiction story. Location: Finlaysoninkuja-street, backyard area. Johanna Hulkko: Modern Spell, which in ties in a flunny and clever ways together the Finlayson area with local and modern themes. Location: Itäinenkatu-street, near the main gate. Aleksanteri Kovalainen (previously known as Heikki A. Kovalainen): artfully threading different epochs, this poem has civil war and refugees in its center. Location: Siberia mall square. Arto Lappi: Cotton Girl, a touching poem of Lappi’s grandparents and the Finlayson area history. Location: Siberia mall square, hand-painted poetry pillar. Marisha Rasi-Koskinen: Now, a work weaving time and space in a fascinating way, this miniature short story takes place by the old Finlayson factory’s old smokestack on the Päämääränkuja-alley.